In Front of dream holyday park, narshingdi

Kawan Food Village


About Us.

Kawan Food Village is a unique food store where customers can dine in, carry out or buy fresh meats and groceries, all in one place. Their Halal meat is quite popular, dubbed “the best Halal you will ever have”.

What makes their business so attractive is their wide variety of products – a meat shop, super market, and restaurant all in one. With locations on pasdona (In front of Dream Holiday Park).Kawan Food Village brings different meats to Columbus, including goat meat. Goat meat is increasingly hard to find in the central Ohio area, which makes Kawan Food Village a frequently visited Indian & Pakistani grocery store.

Their restaurant menu is quite diverse. Biriyanis, kebab, naan, curry and so much to choose from. Meats and dishes can be seen prepared fresh from the tandoor, as the food is made to order. Many entrees can be purchased for under $10, which makes Kawan Food Village a very reasonable and affordable place.

Along with meat, they offer seafood like shrimp as well as cooked items like fish biriyani and karahi. Fish pakora, a gently fried fish dish, is quite popular as an appetizer.

Kawan Food Village is known to have long waiting times during busy periods, like evenings and weekends. With customers shopping from an extended list of food and groceries, the store can get fairly hectic.


Saturday to Friday 24/7

Delivery Available

― Open Until Midnight ―